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The present document represents the institution and the guidelines upon wich its platform and its interactions are managed.

Fruition of Services provided assumes adhesion to its content and its full understanding.


Gnamy.com (from now on mentioned as Gnamy) is a global interactive culinary network.
Gnamy allows unregistered, from now on mentioned as guest(s), or registered, from now on mentioned as user(s), natural and juridical persons to share gastronomic knowledge, interact through each other and promote nutrition activities, associations, disribution and production.

Informations about above insitutions can be provided and displayed, by registered users, in form of images, text, recipes, à la carte/table d'hôte and shelves by provided tools to registered and unregistered users.

Every information has to be truthful, inherent to its own category and recommended to be as much as possible enriched of detail to guarantee readers' safety and correct indexing.
Furthermore, users are allowed to insert third party intellectual property only providing delegation by its owner.

Harmful or mendacious informations will compromise informations' itself to be displayed as well as irrelevant or, for Gnamy and the users, deleterious, incomplete and lacking of detail (e.g. a recipe/course/product incompatible with users' nutrition habit or misleading images).

Illicit contents, promotions attempts of couterfeit or venomous products are not contemplated in the platform and will be notified to competents authorities.

Legitimation under Gnamy's and user's Country lawmaking and their original arrangements must be assured by registered users to define themselves and guarantee their presence in the platform.

Information availment and propagation comes with users' resposibility to maintain undersigned policies and polite habit.
Association, linking activity, sharing activity and content propagation outside Gnamy's platform are considered valid and authorized only through Gnamy's agreement and only for legit and pertinent purposes. Violations could fall into impossibility of platform's fruition or office measures.

Remanent general behaviour guidelines are those described in Gnamy's Country laws and its original arrangements keeped in consideration according to the modalities described in their norms. Inopportune informations and unsuitability will be cleared as well as any attempt of illegal or inadeguate activity reported to competent authorities.

Gnamy's design, content layout and machine istructions are product and expression of its entourage work, value and dedication.

According to its team adhesion regarding the open disclosure of informations and its vision of sharing community Gnamy allows private persons, public institutions, enterprises and non-profit foundations to get inspiration from its surface result for outward intentions unless:

It doesn't apply to Gnamy's characteristicis and identificative elements which are entirely part of Gnamy's identity and Gnamy users' contents which are excusively their ownership besides their full responsibility.

Gnamy distances itself from eventuals deleterious derivation of its work.

In Gnamy the latin derivated word "Convitation(s)" is coined to indicate a proper form of social banquet or dinner.

Gnamy's letters logo () is made from a derivated ├ćnigma, Brian Kent's Corpulent Caps BRK font following accompanied license.

PantryTitle is derived from Christian Urff's Grundschrift font following CC-BY accompanied license.

Gnamy's logo is protected by Madrid Treaty and Agreement.


Gnamy allows guests to browse public informations published by users and users to take advantage of guests' freedom and interact with each other through the platform by the provided tools.

Data collection is permitted unless do not represent any detriment for Gnamy's platform and its users. For this purpose Gnamy makes available adequate tools in the ad hoc programme also optimized for data analysis.

Any other action of invasive data monitoring, collection and reselling are strongly discouraged as well as those who could slowing down the service or be icompatible with rules adopted in this document to defend users' privacy.

Guests and users are encouraged to feel free to profit the contact form for contact and support.

Platform navigation could include sponsored contents, advertisement and suggested products.
Ad hoc programme adhesion provides implied agreement to receive once-per-application commercial contact.

Both of above cases and general platform fruition are administered under EU Data Protection Directive resolution's safeguard.


An HTTP, so called, Cookie is a piece of information usually stored in client's machine that allows permanence of data all over the web session without reinsertion.

Gnamy keep advantage of HTTP Cookies to maintain continuity of service throughout the session and clears on user's discretion. Informations collected may include: login credentials, provided signing up credentials and kind of device in use.

Persistent data are represented by entries provided by user according her/his/its category such as: generalities, contact informations or location, address, phone, pantry content, recipes, courses and aliments.

Obviously, although Gnamy gives absolute freedom on display and editing the above entries, its user's judgment and responsibility discern to propagate it or not and, both out of respect for the community and for avoid aventual lawsuit, provide correct besides salutary entries.

This latter kind of data is displayed in clear for guests or users (on exception of chefs' delivery address and pantry content) and managed by Gnamy for the correct services' routing.

Furthermore, permanent data could be delivered to Gnamy's partners or ad hoc programme adherents for commercial and academics purposes in refined and ever anonymous form unless requested by recognized government agencies according to above indications.

Gnamy will not retrieve data outside users' clearance assumed by the acceptance of this document.