Frequently asked questions

What's a convite?

Convivium in latin means to banquet together. It comes from the ancient greek pratice of symposium where landlords set up parties at their places.
It was wholly similar to modern house parties with good food, drinks, chatting and even live music too.

A convite (or formally: convitation) is a social meal where everybody share their own pantry to have great time together. Gnamy arranges convitation between connected chefs matching recipes and users' pantries.

Enjoy ^‿^

Can I use Gnamy to promote my activity?

Of course. There's a dedicated section for that where you can find all the necessary resources.

You can edit, resize, attach URLs, reblog, print and stick on your window the provided resources to promote yourself but be aware to do not mess up too much with proportions or logos recognizability if you don't want to be messed up by our black belt visual artists.

Can I upload recipes taken from magazines, blogs or generally owned by others?

Well, it would be good practice and polite behaviour to ask the editor of that recipe before publish it anywhere. Anyway, Gnamy will remove any copyrighted content on owner's request where is provided no proof of delegation.

What if an homonymous is already registered or somebody is pretending to be me?

If somebody is using your identity write us specifying what's going on with more details as you can and we will examine the case in point in no time.

Homonymous account, on the other hand, could be set available in case of long term inactivity or in case of private agreement between users. Gnamy can mediate between them on request.

How can I earn proper visibility in Gnamy?

Gnamy already optimizes content display between users following the most sustainable criteria as much as possible.

Anyway, if you desire to actively give more resonance to your contents, the Ad Hoc programme delivers further personalized services for those who intend to enrich their exhibition.

Can I contact Gnamy directly for more support?

When signed in, the contact form is ever available in its side menu section.

General contact forms are also available for guests, even for lazy ones, clicking here.

Someone is having rude behaviors or is offending me. What can I do?

This flag can help you with and can be find everywhere is needed. Click on it and we will keep in mind your report.

Somebody is asking me for personal data pretending to be part of the staff.

If is asking for personal data is not one of us for sure. You can report or simply ignore, your choice.