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Visual Artist Media EU

Visual Artist

We believe in aesthetic subjectivity so there will be no restrictive requirements except for the supposed mastery on your tools and ability to digitalize your opera.

So just write us down, introduce yourself and link a sample of your work.

Note: unless you don't want to be an underpaied freelance artist make sure you own a valid EU working visa before submitting your demand and become and underpaied regular worker.

Nutrition Scientist R & D Italy - EU

Nutrition Scientist

Food is indisputably living beings' bodies fuel. We always keep in mind how it shapes quality of life and how strongly it represents one of the most essential bounds with our home.

For this task we consider adequate the following qualities:

  • BSc Gastronomic Science and Cultures
  • > 7 years acquired experience in primary sector
  • Copious accompaniament of taxonomic terminology
  • Colloquial familiarity with English language

The applicant must be in possess of a valid EU working visa before submitting the demand.

Interpreter C M Italy - EU


Beyond mere conversion of words in other language, traslating tenses is the work of merging cultures and near peoples.

The following characteristics are required:

The applicant must be in possess of a valid EU working visa before submitting the demand.

Public Accountant Finance Italy

Public Accountant

The following characteristics are required:

  • Titolo di Laurea Magistrale in discipline finanziarie
  • Abilitazione attiva alla professione di Commercialista
  • Conoscenza della Lingua Italiana
  • Familiarity with English language and its financial terminology

The applicant must be enrolled in the professional Order required by italian State law before submitting the demand.

Software Developer R & D Italy - EU

Software Engeneer

The following characteristics are strongly required:

  • BSc degree in Computer Science or equivalent title
  • > 7 year experience in programming
  • English language familiarity

A valid EU working visa is necessary to apply for this task.